Graduate Qualities

The Graduate Qualities Program is an initiative which allows teachers, parents, club organisers and other adults in an official capacity to formally acknowledge the contributions our Middle School students make to Ascot Park Primary and the community in and out of school. It recognises students who develop the skills and qualities that help them to become successful in school and in life outside of school.

An ever-increasing need within school life is acknowledging the importance of the capabilities required for successful transition from school to where young people want to take their lives next, and to becoming well-rounded contributing members of society.

Capabilities are a combination of the knowledge, skills and dispositions that enable people to act in and on the world. They comprise the key ingredients for personal and collective agency. They are important indicators of what a person is able to do and be in different arenas (school, work and community life). Education is one of many sites for the development of capabilities in a society.

At Ascot Park Primary School, students develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions that make up these capabilities through our school values; Respect, Responsibility and Excellence. In 2012 the Middle School introduced the Graduate Qualities Certificate for students in years 6 and 7. This certificate will enable Middle School students at APPS to be recognised for activities, responsibilities and work undertaken both in and out of school hours, which demonstrates the capabilities in action.

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