South Australia has the same first day of school for all children which means that every child has four terms of Reception before they go on to the rest of their primary schooling. It means a more stable environment for children with fewer changes to classes throughout the year. If your child turns five before May 1, they will start school on the first day of Term 1 in that year. If your child turns five on or after May 1, they will start school on the first day of Term 1 the following year.

We offer Principal Tours for prospective parents/carers at the beginning of each term and a series of orientation visits during Term 4 for children which help them transition to school.

Transition to School program (4 year old program)

We offer a Transition to School program each Monday morning which begins in Term 2 for children who have enrolled to start at Ascot Park Primary School the following year. The early years are crucial to the learning experiences of children and our Transition to School program provides children with the opportunity to:

  • Improve transition into a new learning environment
  • Build onto the learning at Preschool
  • Enrich early literacy and numeracy skills
  • Establish quality relationships

Please contact the school as early as possible for more information or to arrange an enrolment meeting and tour. You may also like to fill in an enrolment enquiry here.

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