Ascot Park runs an active choir for students in years 5-7. We participate in the Primary Schools Music Festival every year, giving students a chance to sing at the Festival Theatre.

"At the beginning of each year, Year 5, 6 and 7 students are invited to form our choir for that year. After 3 compulsory practice sessions they elect to continue and make a commitment to participate. This means that they attend practice every Thursday during school time and to perform when required. They learn approximately 13 songs, in both soprano and alto parts and also increase their knowledge and skills with posture, breathing and voice techniques. We do warm ups and learn about the background to the songs. On occasions we learn special dance moves to accompany the songs and signing. Some of the songs can be very challenging. Everyone has their favourites. Each year there is a selection of songs that are commissioned especially for the Festival. We are fortunate to be joined each week by children from Kilparrin and SASVI which has increased the volume and skills of our choir.

There are opportunities for individual choir members to audition for positions as soloists, comperes and to be part of a dance troupe that accompanies the choir songs.

Each September the Primary School Festive of Music takes place at the Festival Theatre. It has been running for 118 years! Many parents and staff at the school remember their own experiences of performing in the choir at the Adelaide Town Hall or Festival Theatre. There are 13 concerts over 10 days involving well over 100 schools! After some very long and challenging rehearsals, we choose some of the choir to perform at the Festival Theatre for our allocated concert. We join several other schools on stage to produce a most amazing concert for the audience. We are usually in the front couple of rows and look fabulous. Everyone sings their hearts out, stand as still as statues when required and also move and dance to the upbeat songs. The self-discipline of our students under bright lights for two hours always makes us all very proud.

We also perform for an Active Elders group, and at the end of year school concert. It is a fabulous part of our school. We can’t wait to find out w  hat our songs will be for each year!"

Pam Barritt
Choir Trainer

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