4 Year Old Program

This program provides 4-year-old children with an opportunity to be involved in an ongoing transition program from pre-school to school.

To attend, children need to be enrolled into Ascot Park Primary School and eligible to start school in the following year.

Children are involved in a play-based program to support them to develop skills in confidence, communication, co-operation, gross and fine motor skills, literacy and numeracy.

Each week, children are able to choose from 8 play activity options. These include:

  • Box construction
  • Painting
  • Magnetic lego
  • Train set
  • Collage – based on sound of the week
  • Drawing and writing
  • Pattern blocks and cards
  • Large wooden floor puzzles
  • Big books – browsing
  • Animal dominoes
  • Bobbin threading
  • Play dough
  • Magnetic letters
  • Dress ups

In addition to this, there is an outside play session during which children use the playground, water painting and bubble blowing; or a session in the gym, where children are involved in gross motor skills activities like beanbag balancing, ball throwing and kicking, bucket stilts and ball relays.

Story time, singing nursery rhymes, practising Jolly Phonics songs for letter learning and counting patterns are also a part of this program.

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